Do you have passion for someone or something deserving of a National Day? It’s now easy to create and register a new National Day in the National Day Registry.™  You’re only limited by your imagination!

It’s quick and easy to register a National Day. Just choose from three levels of listings based on how you plan to celebrate it. Then follow the steps in our user-friendly online registration form. Once you verify the information and pay the application fee you’re done. Assuming your application complies with our terms, conditions and restrictions, you’ll receive a certification of registry.

We receive hundreds of day requests. Because of this, we ask that you fill out an application to be submitted for review by our team. We want to make sure that National Day Archives remains the highest quality listing of National Days. 

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For those wanting to make the biggest splash, the Premium Listing is perfect. For a one-time fee, your National Day gets permanently listed on the National Day Archives Master Calendar and your name listed as the registrant on a permanent web page linked to the day. We also send you a certificate of registry to share with others on social media. The Premium Listing entitles you to exclusive access to the top Premium Categories of naming rights, plus reserved premium names from the Standard Categories. The Premium Listing is the ultimate way of showing your passion, community spirit, or level of interest for a special event, activity, cause, or business. It’s also a creative marketing tool based upon the value in the premium names.

For those not needing a premium name, the Standard Listing allows you the same benefits of naming a new National Day, including listed as the registrant on a permanent linked web page, listed on the Master Calendar, and a certificate of registry to share with others on social media. The Standard Listing allows you to choose your own name, including from 50 available categories. In short, you get the same rights as the Premium Listing minus a reserved premium name.

For those wanting to name a National Day in honor of a special person, but don’t need a permanent web page or listing in the Master Calendar, the Proclamation Day is right for you. Until now, there was not a way to name a National Day to honor a person, recognize a deserving employee, pronounce your love for your sweetheart, or remember a dearly departed. The good news is that we’ve created a brand new category known as Proclamation Day Listing. Because the registration listing level does not have a web page or go on the Master Calendar for the media, we are able to keep the application fee low. The registration only package still lets you show the recognition in a very big way. They get a National Day! You also receive a professionally designed electronic certification of registry to share with friends or post on social media.

Registering your own National Day is the ultimate proof that you’re the biggest fan or advocate for a favorite topic, issue or cause. Whether you want to name a National Day after a loved one, a fun activity, something unique, or are just looking for a creative marketing tool for your business, registering a new National Day on the National Day Registry™ is the perfect solution.

Still unsure if a National Day is right for you? Check out our free eBook for answers to your questions. 

The whole world loves a good National Day and so do we. Our motto is simple, and we hope you adopt it too:

     Seize the day by making it a National Day!

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