Have you ever wished you could create a National Day just to tell someone thank you or that you love them? Well, now you can.

At National Day Archives, we celebrate the love or appreciation of someone special. Upon registering, you get an official National Day Proclamation certificate that you can share with the one honored and on social media. Because these days don’t go onto our official Master Calendar that gets distributed to the media, we are able to keep the registration costs affordable for everyone.

Want a cool Valentine’s present or wedding gift? How about sending your sweetheart a certification of registering such as National John Doe Loves Mary Doe Day.

A parent can even create a National Day stating their love for a child. You don’t have to use their last name and can use your own words to speak the heart of your son or daughter. For instance, you can create National Daddy loves his Princess Day, or add their first or full name. The choice is yours. We’ll send you an official National Day Proclamation certificate with the exact love sentiment you choose for anything or anyone you are crazy about. You then share the certificate with the ones you love!

What about a special employee? Do they really need another coffee cup? Show them you really appreciate them by naming a National Day in appreciation, such as National John Doe Appreciation Day or National John Doe Acme, Inc. Worker of the Month Day.

You can even create an in remembrance National Day, to keep the memory alive. Name it what you want too and share it with those that deeply care as a way of staying connected.

The Proclamation Day Listing is the perfect choice if you plan to notify those in your circle of influence about the special day honoring that special someone. You choose whom to share the professionally designed official National Day Proclamation certificate, and can even post it to social media. We also allow you to choose additional services, such as a plaque. Still unsure if a National Day is right for you? Check out our free eBook for answers to your questions. 

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Available Proclamation Listings

Here are the types of Proclamation Listings to choose from:

  • Love/Romance/Valentines (proclaim your love for someone)
  • Name of Individual (name yourself, friend or family to honor)
  • Appreciation (name of friend, family of co-worker to honor)
  • Employee Awards (name of employee of month or year)
  • In Remembrance (name of loved one to keep the memory alive)
  • Wedding/Engagements/Anniversaries (proclaim your love for your sweetheart)

How to select a PROCLAMATION Day Name

You can name your Proclamation Day anyway you want under any of the above categories, provided it does not contain restricted content. Here are examples for how to name a proclamation day:

  • National Daddy Loves His Princess Day  –   January 15
  • National John Doe Loves Mary Doe Day  –   February 14
  • National Jenny Be My Valentine Day  –  February 14
  • National Jane Smith Day  –   March 1
  • National Joe Jackson Appreciation Day  –   April 5
  • National Mary Doe Acme, Inc., Worker of the Month Day  –   May 10
  • National In Remembrance of Mark Jones Day  –   July 19
  • National John and Jenny’s Wedding Day  –   August 20

What you get for a PROCLAMATION Day

What you get for a one-time non-refundable application fee for a National Proclamation Day Listing:

  • Name your National Proclamation Day
  • Pick the day of the year
  • Official National Day Proclamation certificate via email, which also proclaims you as the registrant, that you can share on social media

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