For those wanting the biggest splash, we reserved as premium names a few exclusive categories plus the most popular naming rights from the Standard categories. For a one-time fee, you can claim one of these valuable premium names and heighten your marketing opportunity. Many of these names have just been released and will disappear quickly.

A name is considered premium if it contains the name of any of the following in your new National Day:

  • Any city, state, or country
  • Any family relation (mom, dad, aunt, uncle, step-sibling, etc.)
  • Any use of the words “international” or “world” or “global”
  • Any ethnic group or nationality
  • Any political or religious mention
  • Any career, sport, or popular hobby
  • Any breed of dog, cat, or other popular animals
  • Any name of a musical instrument or human anatomy
  • Any celebrity or public figure, including popular influencers (and you must be the celebrity)
  • Any brand name of a company, product, or service  (and you must own the trademark)
  • Any name (i.e. National Peter Day, National Bob Day, etc.)
  • Any common or popular food or beverage

Please note that in some other instances, your day may be considered a Premium Day based on anticipated traffic and prominence. For your convenience, we’ve created a database with the reserved names from the Standard categories that are considered premium. (Be aware that the database does not include the exclusive categories for cities, states, countries or the word international or world, which remain premium names.) Still unsure if a National Day is right for you? Check out our free eBook for answers to your questions. 

Apply now

How to Select a Premium Day Name

For the one-time premium name application fee, you have access to virtually any name for your new National Day. There are only two restrictions. First, the name cannot already be used. Second, the name cannot use restricted content or a trademarked name.  

What you get for a PREMIUM Day

Once approved, your application fee entitles you to:

  • Propose the name of the National Day
  • Propose the day of the year
  • Receive an electronic certificate for social and marketing materials
  • Ability to purchase add-ons
  • Choose from over 50 predetermined categories
  • Permanent listing on the National Day Archives
  • Listing you as the registrant for the listing on the National Day Archives and a link to your website
  • Ability to suggest content/images for the listing
  • Choose from reserved premium names
  • Exclusive access to premium categories

Premium Opportunities

You really do get premium value. To help you get the most out of your new National Day, we’ve created an article suggesting ways to market your new National Day. In addition, below are some highlights of ways in which premium names really do have premium potential.


With hundreds of careers and occupations, each one is special and deserving of a National Day. Only one company can claim naming rights to a National Day for a particular career, such as National Plumber Day, National Accountant Day, or National Nurse Day.

Consider the business value of registering a day related to a career field. For example, if you own a plumbing business and you register National Plumber day, you get two different types of marketing advantages. First, your name and website are listed as the registrant on the National Day Archives web page. Second, you can promote on your own website and marketing tools that you are the registrant of the day. Purchasing a Premium Day brings you instant credibility and celebrity status for new customers. Chapter 7 provides you with a wealth of marketing tips to get the attention your new day deserves.

Cities, States, Countries

Each city, state or country has something unique or special to offer for visitors.

If you believe your city, state or country is worthy of a National Day, then create one! Highlight what your city, state or country has to offer, especially if it matches your passions.

Here are a few ideas for a National Day for your city, state or country:

  • National XYZ Day
  • National Visit XYZ Day
  • National Shop XYZ Day
  • National Surf in XYZ Day
  • National Fall in Love in XYZ Day
  • National Spend the Night in Downtown XYZ Day
  • National Spend the Week in XYZ Day
  • National Buy a Slice of Pizza in XYZ Day
  • National Fly the XYZ Flag Day

The sky is the limit to the day you can choose and how to market it!

Ethnic Groups/Heritage

There are many reasons to celebrate your heritage or ethnicity with a National Day. Registering your own National Day creates awareness, unity and a way of joining together in celebration. They are perfect for National Days because there already are such strong ties and the National Day just invites them to unite.

Here are a few ideas for a National Day for your Ethnic Group/Heritage:

  • National XYZ Appreciation Day
  • National XYZ Culture Day
  • National Fly the XYZ Flag Day
  • National Eat XYZ Food Day
  • National Plan a Trip to XYZ Homeland Day

If you choose a name that contains any of these names in the title, then it is a premium name.

Politics & Religion

Politics shape the world around us, and sometimes, people want to celebrate different forms of governing or even political processes like voting.

Religion is one of the most popular topics of conversation in the world. Most people are devoted to some aspect of religion and have special ways of celebrating.

That’s why the name of any religion or mention of religion is a premium name. It already has a devoted following. Many of the ways of celebrating a religious belief might be deserving of its own National Day. Similarly, politics are intrinsically important and already have a widely recognized audience. You’ll find a listing of religions in the Appendices and on the official website.

Special Note: Be sure to use positive messages only. No anti-religious or inflammatory political messages are allowed. See Appendix B for what is considered restricted content.

International or World (In the Name)

The world is getting smaller and international topics are becoming very popular. You can create a new International Day celebrating things of international appeal under this premium category. It’s your opportunity to unite the world around a popular topic.

If you want to market worldwide, then pick a new National Day with the word International or World in it. For instance, International XYZ Day, International Day of XYZ or World Day of XYZ.


Every sport deserves its own National Day, as do the many various ways of celebrating your beloved sport or position within a sport. If you want to target people that love or are loyal to a particular sport or position, there is no better way than registering a National Day for that sport.

There are so many ways to appreciate a sport. Keep in mind, it is possible to create more than one National Day per sport, provided there is a sufficient variation to avoid confusion. For instance, it would be permissible to list the following for a single sport:

  • National XYZ Day
  • National XYZ Biggest Fan Day
  • National Share Why You Love XYZ Day
  • National Play XYZ Day
  • National Watch XYZ Day
  • National Support XYZ Day

Since professional, college and even high school sport teams contain trademarked names and logos, you cannot mention a specific team by name in the title or the content to the National Day. For instance, you cannot create National Washington Redskins Day, unless you own the team. But you can create National Football Day (which already exists), since no one owns the name of a sport.

A listing of sport names that are premium names is contained in the Appendices and on the official website. Have fun claiming your favorite sport!

Dog and Cat Breeds

You won’t find a more loyal following than dog or cat owners. Many are fiercely loyal to their particular breed. This creates an obvious market for a creative person or company. Register your National Day now to ensure another loyal pet owner or pet company can’t claim the name of your favorite breed.

Musical Instruments or Human Anatomy

Musical instruments and human anatomy are reserved as premium names because they are so unique with special marketing opportunities. Browse the Appendices at the end of the book for a listing of available premium names.

Celebrities or Public Figures

We only list National Days for celebrities if the celebrity has authorized it. Therefore, you cannot create a National Fan of Actor John Doe, without the permission of the celebrity. But if you are the celebrity, or you can obtain written permission of a celebrity, then you can create a National Day.

Any Name

If you love your first name and you want to celebrate with others who share the same name, a National Day is a great way to spread the love! For example, if your name is Patti, you could create National Patti Day to celebrate everyone named Patti.

Common or Popular Foods and Beverages

It goes without saying that some foods and beverages are iconic throughout culture. A popular food, like mac and cheese, would be considered eligible for a Premium Day. On the other hand, a less popular food like Baked Brie, would be considered a Standard Day. These 

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