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When is World Vasectomy Day?

World Vasectomy Day occurs each year on the date chosen by the World Vasectomy Day organization.

What is World Vasectomy Day?

Bee stings hurt worse. Let’s get that out of the way. So does stubbing your toe. To get men engaged in family planning, World Vasectomy Day encourages guys to start the conversation about surgical sterility.

Guys get the snip for a lot of reasons. If getting pregnant would put your spouse in medical danger, a vasectomy might be in order. Some couples choose the procedure to avoid passing along genetic disorders, while others tie the tubes after they’re done having kids.

So, what sort of man are you? Maybe you’re the guy whose procedure conveniently coincides with March Madness. Maybe you’re the guy who would take a long lunch one day and then return to work, well, a different man.

However you might do it, World Vasectomy Day is a chance to join the ranks of men who don’t shy away from the subject of male birth control.

Fun facts about World Vasectomy Day!

  • Half a million American men have vasectomies every year.
  • The procedure doesn’t result in immediate sterility. There might still be bullets in the gun for another couple months.
  • It’s generally safe to return to normal activities 7 days after a vasectomy.
  • It’s possible to reverse a vasectomy. The reversal is a long procedure though, and it’s not guaranteed.

How to celebrate World Vasectomy Day:

  • If you’re considering a vasectomy, discuss the subject with your significant other. Ensure that you’re both certain you want no more biological children.
  • Support organizations that educate people on the realities of vasectomies.
  • If you perform vasectomies, become a World Vasectomy Day provider to get your practice on the map.

What’s the hashtag for World Vasectomy Day?

Use #WorldVasectomyDay on social media to spread