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When is World Tourism Day?

May 7th is World Tourism Day.

What is World Tourism Day?

Pack your bags. Set your sights on the horizon. You can enjoy home-sweet-home when you get back, and your trip will make home sweeter. World Tourism Day celebrates the joy of international travel and promotes the benefit of tourism on the global economy.

Healthy tourism is good for the soul. New and strange experiences can build self-confidence. Navigating foreign cultures can break down our resistance to compassion. While this may not be true of every traveler, tourism does open our minds to the larger world.

The UN created World Tourism Day in 1980 to raise awareness about the global role of tourism. It contributes to the economy, the reduction of poverty, prevention of conflict, and other global values. And above all, exploring new cultures helps us gain an elevated view of human dignity.

Fun facts about World Tourism Day!

Tourism supports 9.9% of the world’s jobs.

West-to-east jet lag is worse than the fatigue from traveling east to west.

One-third of the world’s airports are in the U.S.

Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” in his 1869 travel book The Innocents Abroad.

How to celebrate World Tourism Day:

Plan your next vacation out of the country. If you need more time, plan it for next year, or for two years away. However you do it, set your sights on a destination, and go see something new.

Have any international friends? Send them a local souvenir—not something tacky with the name of your city/country slapped across it, but something meaningful that they couldn’t buy in an airport. They’ll love it. They might even send you one in return.

What’s the hashtag for World Tourism Day?

Use #WorldTourismDay on social media to share your next travel destination.