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When is World Party Day?

April 3rd is World Party Day.

What is World Party Day?

We don’t need an excuse to party. We’ll use it anyways though. Humans are capable of such an expansive emotional field, but war and catastrophes restrict our access to the heights of human sentiment. To fight this, World Party Day celebrates celebration.

Joy is, to say the least, a popular emotion. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Regular jubilation heals our bodies and builds our communities. And let’s be real: it’s downright fun.

People began celebrating this day after the 1995 publication of Vanna Bonta’s book Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, which ends with a global human celebration on April 3rd. Peace is just the absence of war, not the opposite. World Party Day promotes festivity as the opposite of and cure for conflict.

Fun facts about World Party Day!

  • The longest dance party, holding the Guinness World Record, was a 55-hour shindig in Wexford, Ireland.
  • Bad traffic prevented a million people from attending Woodstock. More than 500,000 people actually attended, though only 186,000 had tickets. Local authorities had been told only 50,000 would show up.
  • After the five-month process of writing the U.S. Constitution, the founding fathers threw a party. A big one. Between 56 people, it’s said that they drank 55 bottles of Madeira wine, 60 bottles of Claret, 8 of whiskey, 22 of porter, 8 of cider, 12 of beer, and 7 bowls of strong punch. Whoa.

How to celebrate World Party Day:

Throw a party! The more the merrier, so pack the house. All it takes is food, drinks, and a bit of music.

What’s the hashtag for World Party Day?

Spread the word on social media with #WorldPartyDay.