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When is World Hello Day?

November 21st is World Hello Day.

What is World Hello Day?

Bonjour, hola, and how do you do? With the internet at our fingertips, we can find thousands of ways to say hi. We’re going to need all of them if we want to create peace in the world around us. World Hello Day celebrates communication as the best method for resolving conflict.

A greeting signals peace. It’s the reflexive way that we wish people well all day long. It seems like such a small gesture, but why not? Greeting people cheers us up. Next time you’re in a sour mood, start saying hello as you walk around and watch that frown turn upside down, or at least flat line.

More importantly, salutations can begin more meaningful conversation. Healthy negotiation begins with a greeting. Your best teachers probably started class with ‘hello’ rather than jumping straight into the lecture.

Brian and Michael McCormack started World Hello Day in 1973 right after the Yom Kippur War, a conflict between Egypt and Israel in the fall of that year. It’s a day to greet one another with a smile and cultivate a culture of peace.

So whether you choose an English ‘hello,’ a Spanish ‘hola,’ or just a Finnish ‘good day’–hyvää päivää!—don’t forget to say hi.

Fun facts about World Hello Day!

  • There are about 6,500 languages spoken in the world. That’s a lot of ways to say hi!
  • Over 180 countries celebrate World Hello Day.
  • The greeting ‘howdy’ is related to the question “How do you do?”

How to celebrate World Hello Day:

  • Greet 10 people on World Hello Day. Say it with a wave and a smile, and spread some cheer.
  • We all have disagreements with people from time to time. If you see such a person, say ‘hello.’ This is not to egg them on, and there’s no need to start conversation or dredge up the divisive issue. However, that simple greeting could be the start of resolving your conflict.

What’s the hashtag for World Hello Day?

Use #WorldHelloDay on social media to say hi and promote peace.