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When is World Habitat Day?

The first Monday of October is World Habitat Day.

What is World Habitat Day?

Home sweet home. It’s not just a treat. Decent digs are a human right. That’s part of the “pursuit of happiness” we Americans love so much. World Habitat Day reminds us that not everyone has a home. It also reminds us that we can change that.

A habitat is a home, whether you’re a raccoon in the Pacific Northwest or a human in Los Angeles. Good homes keep us safe. They keep us warm when it’s cold and cool when the sidewalk is egg-frying hot. Modern life is constantly changing, but a home can give people a sense of stability, security, and self-reliance in the face of that change.

We can serve the homeless any day of the year, but World Habitat Day is an especially good chance to come together and help people who need shelter. By building homes in urban areas, providing shelter for the homeless, and taking care of our communities during crises, we can support those who have no home sweet home.

Fun facts about World Habitat Day!

  • The first World Habitat Day occurred in 1986, with Nairobi, Kenya as the host city for that year.
  • About 554,000 Americans experienced homelessness in 2017.
  • Habitat for Humanity started operating in 1976 out of the state of Georgia. It has helped 13 million people into affordable homes since then.

How to celebrate World Habitat Day:

Help out your local Habitat for Humanity. Gather a group of friends to volunteer. Whether you donate or sling a hammer for a day, you’ll be helping people get the shelter they need.

What’s the hashtag for World Habitat Day?

Use #WorldHabitatDay on social media to support these valiant efforts.