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When is this day celebrated? August 15

What is this day? There is greatness in each person. Very often, this greatness goes unnoticed. There a lot of unsung heroes and heroines in our midst. World Greatness Day celebrates greatness in people, places, businesses and systems around the world. It is an occasion to honour people who have been instrumental in our lives and helped us to step into our greatness.

In most cases, people’s greatness is never celebrated when they are alive. Very often, their greatness is talked about when they are dead especially in their eulogies. The main reason of creating World Greatness Day is to allow people celebrate great people who have helped them change their lives whilst they are still alive.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Professor Patrick Businge in October 2019.

How should this day be celebrated? World Greatness Day should celebrated in all countries around the world through festivals, gatherings, parties, award ceremonies, talks, lectures, visits, and many other ways to express gratitude to great people, unsung heroes and those who have helped us change our lives for the better.