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When is this day? March 24

What is this day? World Freedom of Thought Day aims to encourage and inspire people from all walks of life to be brave and sincere when it comes to expressing a personal thought with others. History has always proved that one single thought can motivate, unite or awaken other like-minded individuals if it’s shared openly. On the other hand, freedom of thought does not mean to insult -or verbally attack- other individuals who do not think the way we do. Freedom of thought is also about checking our tolerance levels to all kinds of brain maps and cultural backgrounds, which is an essential, actually a global issue to be solved as soon as possible for a more democratic world.

World Freedom of Thought Day can serve as a global bridge to remind the world residents that we, human beings, are born to think and to find solutions for various obstacles we face throughout life. World Freedom of Thought Day may have a positive effect to activate societies and individuals to form their own opinions on any issue from motherhood to friendship, from global warming to animal rights.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Lüset Kohen Fins in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Starting from the year 2021, 24th of March, people who find this special day meaningful, will be able to share their thoughts on any subject through their Social Media accounts, using related hashtags such as #freedomofthought, #ithink, #eyethink or #inmyopinion. Therefore teenagers, adults -and even children- will have the chance to exchange ideas, opinions and information on any topic, knowing that every year on March 24th, they can easily be a part of The World Freedom of Thought Day.