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When is World Feed The Poor Day? This day will take place on August 2 of each calendar year.

What is World Feed The Poor Day? A day to Feed the Poor worldwide. To support those who are in need spirit, soul and body. To remember those who are hungry in our communities and help them overcome their immediate challenges. A day to lend support to the poor next-door neighbors and alleviate their pains. A day to remember victims of war and natural disasters around the world. A day to fulfill, enrich and empower the poor through global giving.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed?

The Day is created to promote the vision and missions of Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. across the world by giving both physical and spiritual food to the poor.
It is designed to improve the lives of the downtrodden and the less privileged in our midst.

This day is to remember the poor through deliberate and collective effort to alleviate and possibly eradicate poverty in our communities worldwide.

The intention is to celebrate those whose lives have been transformed through the support of various helping hands across the globe.

This initiative is meant to encourage the spirit of love for the poor and alleviate the pains of those going through difficult times thereby healing the depressed.

It is a day to remember those who are in need spirit, soul and body. And provide for those who are hungry in our communities to enable them overcome their immediate challenges.

We observe this day to lend support to impoverished children, fatherless, orphans, widows, aged and the less-privileged worldwide.

A day to visit and minister to prisoners without hope.

A day remember wounded warriors and struggling veterans with their families worldwide.

A day to seek justice for the poor and defend the oppressed.

A day to remember the hopeless and helpless senior citizens of the world going through untold hardships.

A day dedicated to recognize and appreciate those committed to alleviate poverty across nations of the world.

A day to meet the physiological needs of the suffering masses.

A day to build a culture of bringing food to the poor and the needy’s table so as to combat starvation across the world.

A day to share the love we have with lives that matter to God.

A day to put a smile on someone’s face to give new hope and reason for living.

A day set aside to remember and heartily support the hurting world.

To establish a day of blessings for all.

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

This day will be celebrated through the collection and distribution of food and gifts to the poor and needy in our communities across the world.

We will observe this day as individuals and corporate by organizing special campaigns and empowerment programs through our network of volunteers across the globe.

We will make it a happy day for those who are going through untold hardships.

The day will become an empowerment and transformational day through job creations and small business opportunities for the poor.

This day will be celebrated by visiting the poor and needy in various places; including homes, schools, hospitals, offices, prisons, camps, shelter and streets.

We will connect and collaborate with individuals, organized groups, nonprofits, institutions and organizations whose missions align with supporting the poor.

We will encourage three months of early preparation and savings of food by working with donors, restaurants, and food centers towards the D-day.

Recognizing the impact of participating donors, food service centers, delivery agents, restaurants and certified partners of the day.

The day will focus on sharing of ideas, skills and resources that will impact, change and add value to people’s lives.

We will make it a day to spread and showcase the testimony of all enriched and transformed lives within the last 12 months.

We will celebrate by recognizing volunteers, philanthropists and all helping hands globally.

To stand and honor all ambassadors that who are committed to supporting this cause all over the world

We will observe this day by encouraging everyone to express love and give to the poor in their neighborhood. It becomes a dedicated day of giving to the poor and the needy everywhere.

We will observe this day with an extension and expression of gratitude to the giving world.

Above all, we dedicate this day to offer special thanksgiving to Almighty God for changing millions of lives.

We will mark this day by rejoicing and celebrating the spirit of love and giving to support to one another across the world.

It will be a more important day than any holiday; that those in need will look forward to seeing.

Who created this day? This day was created in September 2021 by Feed The Poor Foundation of America, Inc.