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When is World Chocolate Day? This personal favorite is globally celebrated on July 7th

What is World Chocolate Day? This day remembers the introduction of chocolate into Europe in 1550 — as the legend goes, this happened on July 7th. This legend can’t seem to be properly confirmed or denied, so it seems best to live as though every history book validates this event.

Fun facts about World Chocolate Day! There are numerous countries that have their own national chocolate days, and there are a wide variety of national days which celebrate different kinds of chocolate, but this is the purist day when simple chocolate can be properly enjoyed on the same day by the entire world. The world has decided that chocolate, in all of its refined glory, needs its own venerated day.

How to celebrate World Chocolate Day:

  • Submerge everything in chocolate! Get clever and then share your adventures, recipes and photos alike, to your friends on social using the hashtag below. 
  • Indulge in that dark chocolate which you dare not eat regularly but nonetheless always warms you from the inside out.
  • Look for a local chocolate factory to visit, explore, and spoil yourself in (nearly every major city has at least one). If you’re able to pull this one off then you won’t regret it!
  • Grab your favorite chocolates, a close friend, and post-up on the couch for the day watching your favorite classics. Nothing says chocoholic quite like a stack of empty chocolate wrappers, classic films, tissues full of tears, and a slight tummy ache after a full day of couch lounging.

What is the hashtag for World Chocolate Day? Throughout all of your great indulges don’t forget to stay connected at #WorldChocolateDay