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When is World Blood Donor Day?

World Blood Donor Day occurs June 14th.

What is World Blood Donor Day?

It’s a desperate thing to need a blood transfusion. In that moment, your life is in the hands of doctors, nurses, and blood donors. World Blood Donor Day celebrates the generous people who give blood while also publicizing the demand for blood donation.

The world needs healthy blood. That’s one reason the World Health Organization created World Blood Donor Day in 2004. Not everyone can donate because unsafe blood and blood products can be infected with all sorts of viruses and contagions. But surgeries, illnesses, and traumatic accidents happen all the time, all over the world.

Blood donation saves lives. So why not set apart a day to thank blood donors? They don’t meet the people whose lives they save. Despite that, they keep volunteering their time and excess blood for people whose time and blood would otherwise run out.

So, three cheers for blood donors, and especially on World Blood Donor Day.

Fun facts about World Blood Donor Day!

  • The Red Cross keeps red blood cells refrigerated at about 42.8ºF for up to 42 days.
  • Donated platelets have to be agitated in storage. Otherwise, they don’t get enough oxygen, which makes less effective or even unusable.
  • Patients with severe burns, liver failure, or severe infections have to receive transfusions of blood plasma.

How to celebrate World Blood Donor Day:

Donate blood, plasma, or platelets at your local blood bank. And thank the medical staff for their part in the donation process.

What’s the hashtag for World Blood Donor Day?

Urge your friends to donate by using #WorldBloodDonorDay on social media.