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When will Vagentine’s Day be celebrated? February 13th of each calendar year.

What is Vagentine’s Day? The day before Valentine’s Day is a busy one. People are out there shaving, primping and prepping their parts to make sure that they look and feel 10 out of 10. No one wants nicks, bad shaving blunders or stubble ruining their Valentine’s Day. Vagentine’s Day is a day for vagina owners everywhere to give their intimate bits a little extra love.

How should Vagentine’s Day be celebrated or observed? Give your intimate bits a little extra love and attention in whatever way you please, this Vagentine’s Day.

Why was Vagentine’s Day created? Valentine’s Day is always the talk of the town. That is totally fair. But the day before is when real magic happens.You’re landscaping.You’re transforming.You’re walking out of the bathroom feeling smooth and confident. Let’s commemorate this effort.

As a personal care brand that is all about keeping you smooth and moisturized, we want to celebrate the one day of the year when you give your intimate bits a little extra love. The one day of the year when your razor and shave cream put in extra WORK to keep those parts looking and feeling fab.

It’s 2024 — it’s time we normalize days like this.

Who created this day? This day was created by eos Products in 2024.