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Thankful for my dog day

When is Thankful For My Dog Day? This day will take place on November 23 of each calendar year.

What is Thankful For My Dog Day? As we know, November is a gratitude-filled month. On Thankful For My Dog Day, channel all of your thankfulness specifically to your favorite four-legged fur friends. Our dogs cheer us up, make us laugh, bring us joy (along with sticks…many, many sticks), and are likely patiently watching you cook a holiday pie that they can’t eat. So today, our dogs deserve an extra special moment of gratitude—let’s paws and appreciate them!

Why is this day being created? At MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, we love dogs, so much so that we created a product that supports muscle growth and prevents muscle loss to help increase their quality of life, especially as they age. It’s clear how much our customers love their dogs, so we wanted to give pet owners a chance to celebrate their pups during the holidays with a day specifically dedicated to showing their thankfulness for them.

How should this day be celebrated? Dog owners, dedicate the day to showering your pup with gratitude! Celebrate by 1) giving your dog plenty of hugs, cuddles, and walks 2) sharing pictures of your dog all across the internet 3) texting your friends about how much you love your dog and 4) buying your dog a new toy or treat!

Who created this day? This day was created in October 2020 by MYOS Canine Muscle Formula.