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When is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day occurs on May 23rd.

What is Red Nose Day?

That red nose, it’s a simple but potent symbol. When you see it on someone’s face, your gut braces itself for rollicking belly laughs. To raise support for campaigns against poverty and injustice, Red Nose Day uses humor and laughter through the sale of red noses.

So, why the red nose? Few things are more eye-catching than a red nose—not an allergy nose or cold season nose, but a candy-apple red clown nose. Laughter breaks down the walls that divide us. If you can laugh with someone, you’re that much closer to friendship. Laughter makes us generous and hopeful.

Red Nose Day uses laughter and comedy to rouse the world against domestic violence, discrimination, and other forms of injustice and poverty.

Fun facts about Red Nose Day!

  • The charity organization Comic Relief created Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom in 1988 and has since raised over a billion dollars.
  • Red Nose Day events in the U.S. have funded relief efforts throughout the United States and in 34 other countries.
  • There have been 20 different noses sold for Red Nose Day, like monster noses, noses shaped like tomatoes, as well as the classic clown nose.

How to celebrate Red Nose Day:

  • Head to the nearest Walgreens (in the U.S.), Sainsbury (in the U.K.), or any other location selling Red Nose Day red noses.
  • Watch the Red Nose Day event on prime-time television. Then donate to support local and global efforts against poverty.

What’s the hashtag for Red Nose Day?

Post a selfie with your red nose using #RedNoseDay on social media.