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When is National Worship of Tools Day?

March 11th is National Worship of Tools Day.

What is National Worship of Tools Day?

It’s a satisfying moment when you realize you have exactly the right tool for the right job. Anyone can enjoy that moment too, whether it’s framing carpentry or electrical wiring that brings out the toolbox. National Worship of Tools Day celebrates our many implements of construction, destruction, and repair.

Things break, and we can let them stay broken or replace them. But it is often more rewarding to puzzle through and make a repair on our own. Our tools make this possible. They also allow us the pleasure of building projects, such as toy boxes, new kitchen shelves, or a simple birdhouse for the backyard.

With how-to videos just clicks away in the DIY world, home repairs and projects are easier than ever. Take National Worship of Tools Day to enjoy the work your tools allow you to do.

Fun facts about National Worship of Tools Day!

  • For a quick way to clean garden tools, mix some linseed oil in a bucket of sand and then stab the tool into the sand a few times. This cleans and oils the tool simultaneously.
  • Shears should be oiled at the joint.
  • Linseed oil can prolong the life of wooden handles on your tools.
  • Storing power tools in their original cases protects them from humidity, bumps, and dust.

How to celebrate National Worship of Tools Day:

  • Organize your tools. If you’re not hanging any of your tools, mount a pegboard in one corner of your garage or shed to keep your tools in sight. You can even outline your tools in permanent marker so you always know the peg where they hang.
  • Clean your tools. Shears should be oiled at the joint. That rust isn’t doing your pliers any good. Use an air compressor to blow dust out of your power tools and then lubricate the moving parts.
  • Create something with your tools. Don’t have a workbench in your tool shed? Build one. Don’t have a tool shed? Build one. Pick a project, and put those tools to use.

What’s the hashtag for National Worship of Tools Day?

Use #WorshipOfToolsDay on social media to share your love for tools.