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When is National World Youth Skills Day? July 15th has been designated by the United Nations as National World Youth Skills Day.

What is National World Youth Skills Day? Youth generally get paid much less than adults, due to the lack of experience and skills. And often youth are not invested in because a more skilled adult can be found and used for the services. National World Youth Skill Day was created by the United Nations in foster more training development for the youth. This is a day when young and old come together and look to the future.

Interesting facts about National World Youth Skills Day!

  • This national event was first formed in Sri Lanka
  • On average, children are paid nearly 3 times less than adults
  • This event began only a few years ago and already has worldwide recognition!

How to celebrate National World Youth Skills Day: There are dozens of nonprofits and organizations that works specially in this area. A quick google search of ‘national world youth skills day’ will reveal all sorts of ways to get involved, whether that be through training others or acquiring training in a skill that you’ve always wanted!

What is the hashtag for National World Youth Skills Day? Use #worldyouthskillsday to interact with all the amazing things that take place during this national event!