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When is World Pollution Prevention Day?

December 2nd is World Pollution Prevention Day.

What is World Pollution Prevention Day?

The biggest trash can in the world hangs out in an unlikely place: the Pacific Ocean. You read that right. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch consists of 90,000 tons of trash floating in an area three times the size of France. That’s sad. World Pollution Prevention Day promotes environmentally sensitive industrial practices to reduce pollution.

Mining and ore processing, chemical manufacturing, and the production of dyes are some of the dirtiest industries out there. They also directly contribute to the production of our cars, medicine, and clothes. As much as we enjoy these commodities, World Pollution Prevention Day reminds us to be sensitive to the world around us and to support sustainable manufacturing processes.

This planet is incredible. How can we keep it green and clean? We’re still working to answer that question, but World Pollution Prevention Day encourages innovation, sacrifice, and the willingness to rethink our processes and preserve our planet.

Facts about World Pollution Prevention Day!

  • About 14,000 people die every day in developing countries because of water pollution.
  • Each year, air pollution kills 650,000 people in China.
  • Young children are especially sensitive to air pollution because of the way their lungs are developing.
  • Across the globe, 1 in 9 people don’t have access to clean drinking water.

How to celebrate World Pollution Prevention Day:

  • Support organizations that push for sustainable manufacturing processes. Look for local ways to volunteer your time, and consider donating to causes that promote clean air and drinking water.
  • Recycle, reduce the waste in your own home, and research ways to diminish how much you pollute your corner of the world.

What’s the hashtag for World Pollution Prevention Day?

Raise awareness about pollution on social media with #WorldPollutionPreventionDay.