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When is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day occurs on June 15th.

What is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

Vulnerable people of all ages need protection. Elder abuse is one of humanity’s darker realities, but it doesn’t have to continue. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day supports the rights of older persons and broadcasts the prevalence of their mistreatment.

The elderly are subject to exploitation in every society, whether developed or not. As people age, they come to depend on others for support. Not everybody honors that trust though.

Elder abuse takes many forms. It can look like a raid on the checking account or the unintentional neglect of mealtimes and medication. Across the globe, elderly people suffer psychological abuse, physical mistreatment, even sexual exploitation. Any action that causes harm to older people, or any inaction that flouts their trust, qualifies as elder abuse.

Older folks should not have to fear exploitation or neglect. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day brings to the world’s attention how widespread this issue is and promotes the dignity of our elders.

Facts about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day!

  • The UN expects the number of people over 60 to jump from 900 million (in 2015) to 2 billion by 2050.
  • A 2017 study of 52 countries found that about 15% of elders underwent some form of abuse. Researchers estimate that only 1 in 24 cases of elder abuse is actually reported.
  • The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse created World Elder Abuse Awareness Day back in 2011, with the help of the World Health Organization.

How to celebrate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day:

  • Wear a purple shirt or pin to support the rights of the elderly.
  • Donate your time and resources to charities that protect older people.
  • Volunteer at a local retirement home. Making visits to the elderly shows them they are valuable and loved, not forgotten.

What’s the hashtag for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day?

Use #WEAAD on social media to support the rights and dignity of the elderly.