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When is National Wine and Cheese Day? July 25th is the day when we get to officially enjoy this classic pairing. 

What is National Wine and Cheese Day? Wine and cheese have been companions since their birth. Chefs found out early on that connecting astringent foods (mouth drying foods) with mouthwatering foods creates a unique eating experience. Wine and cheese fits that bill to a T. In 2014 this special pairing gained its own day and is officially enjoyed by whomever would willing explore its numerous combinations.

Fun fact about National Wine and Cheese Day! As M. F. K. Fisher said, “Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and the moon, or good people and noble ventures.”

How to celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day: You don’t have to be in Europe to enjoy this combination of nectar and mana. Nope. National Wine and Cheese Day is about as easy a day to celebrate as any other. Get together with your friends, invite them over, asking certain friends to bring some of their favorite wines and others to bring their favorite cheeses. Then enjoy the night as you all sample, mixing and matching from one wine to another cheese. You create the space and everyone else does the bringing. Doesn’t get much finer that!

What is the hashtag for National Wine and Cheese Day? Record your savory moments at #nationalwineandcheeseday