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When is National Veggie Burger Day?

June 5th is National Veggie Burger Day.

What is National Veggie Burger Day?

Save a cow. Eat a veggie burger. That’s the message of National Veggie Burger Day, a day devoted to vegetarian variations on the burger.

Veggie burgers are hippie fads that went mainstream, like bicycles and co-ops. You’ll find them on menus and in the frozen foods section nowadays. They typically contain soy, nuts, and other nutritional replacements to replace the iron and protein contained in meat.

Americans eat a lot of meat, and veggie burgers have a bad rap in some carnivorous circles. But the internet makes it easier than ever to find veggie burger recipe that caters to meat lovers. National Veggie Burger Day bucks the trend and urges burger purists to try out something new.

Fun facts about National Veggie Burger Day!

  • A 2018 study found 8% of Americans are vegetarians (5%) or vegan (3%). That’s not a large percentage, but it’s still about 26 million Americans.
  • The first veggie burger—called a VegeBurger—appeared in London in 1982. There were non-meat burgers before then, but nothing used the more popular appellation of “vege” or “veggie.”
  • Mushrooms are not good nutritional replacements for meat.
  • Veggie burgers with more soy and oil are closer in texture to a typical hamburger. Less meat-like burgers contain more vegetables and grains.

How to celebrate National Veggie Burger Day:

Grill a veggie burger. Or fry it, your choice. Never had one? Get creative. Load one up with Portobello mushrooms, blue cheese, and sautéed red onions. Try a BBQ veggie burger topped with Tempeh bacon. Or, just top it with avocado and sweet potato fries.

What’s the hashtag for National Veggie Burger Day?

Use #VeggieBurgerDay on social media to show your veggie burgers some love.