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When is National Vanilla Milkshake Day?

June 20th is National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

What is National Vanilla Milkshake Day?

Ever been called vanilla? What a compliment. When two-times-twenty-one options is two times too many, vanilla has your back. It’s solid, always there when you need it, and delicious in a milkshake. And so we celebrate vanilla milkshakes on National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

It’s not that vanilla milkshakes are the best. Simply put, they’re the baseline. All other milkshakes are either trying to be like vanilla, or they are trying to be different from vanilla. They can’t escape vanilla.

So, do vanilla milkshakes need their own day? No. Do we want vanilla milkshakes to have their own day anyways? Yes. National Vanilla Milkshake Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy these simple yet profoundly delicious concoctions.

Fun facts about National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

  • Milkshakes used to be shaken by hand. Steven Poplawski invented the blender specifically to ease that process.
  • A Chicago Walgreens sold the first malt milkshake in 1922.
  • The first printed milkshake recipe included a “medicinal” dash of whisky.
  • With their combination of hydration (from the milk) and potassium, banana milkshakes help alleviate hangovers.
  • In parts of New England, a milkshake doesn’t include ice cream. It’s milk and flavoring syrup blended or shaken enthusiastically. A “frappe” with a silent ‘e’ adds ice cream to the process.

How to celebrate National Vanilla Milkshake Day:

Enjoy a vanilla milkshake. Make it at home with whipped cream and a cherry on top, or head to your favorite milkshake establishment. Don’t have one? Search online for the most highly recommended milkshakes in your area. (You can probably find a recipe that way too.)

What’s the hashtag for National Vanilla Milkshake Day?

Use #VanillaMilkshakeDay on social media to share your vanilla milkshake photos.