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What day is National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day celebrated? February 6. This is one week and one day before Valentine’s Day, to ensure your gift arrives in time.

What is National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day? This day was created to keep you from making the mistake of forgetting to plan a perfect day or get that perfect gift for your Valentine. Most loved ones want to be appreciated and thought of on Valentine’s Day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of something last minute.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day is celebrated on February 6, which is one week and one day before Valentine’s Day. This gives you time to plan that perfect date or order the perfect Valentine gift to ensure that it arrives in time! So start panning or shopping right now.

There are a few ways to celebrate this holiday. First, give thought to how to find a unique gift or come up with a creative way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Second, if you plan to buy a gift, order or buy it gift today.

Unique Gift Ideas

Tired of buying chocolates or flowers. Here are a few unique or special ways of saying “I Love You.”

  1. Create a National Day in the name of your Valentine
  2. Write a poem or love letter
  3. Repeat your first date or start a new tradition

Create a National Day. Yes, you can create a new National Day named after someone special. For instance, you can register a National Day Proclamation in the name of or honor of someone special. You even can choose how to name the new day, such as:

  • National John Doe Loves Mary Doe Day – February 14
  • National Jenny Be My Valentine Day – February 14
  • National Theresa Please Marry Me Day – February 14

When you register a National Day for your Valentine, you get an official National Day Proclamation Certificate that you give to your Valentine and can share on social media. You get to name the new day exactly the way you want it worded and can pick the day, whether you choose February 14 or another special day. Here is a link to where you register new national days.

Write a Poem or Love Letter. If you want something less flashy, them write your own poem or love letter. It doesn’t need to be a Hallmark card. Taking the time to write something from your heart will touch the heart of your Valentine!

Repeat your first date or start a new tradition. Traditions matter and are meaningful. One idea for Valentine’s Day is to recreate your first date or a special moment you shared. You can always start a new tradition, such as a picnic, carriage ride, go to see a play, walk on the beach, etc. The point is that if you create a tradition for how you celebrate a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, it will create a lasting memory and be something you look forward to all year long. Now that’s a great Valentine’s present.

Special offer. If you order a National Valentine’s Day Proclamation on February 6, the price is cut in one-half the normal registration fee. If you buy it another day, the price is still affordable. Click here to order your National Valentine’s Day Proclamation today.

What you get for a National Valentine’s Day Proclamation?

  1. Name for your National Day Proclamation
  2. Choose the day of the year (i.e. February 14 or another day)
  3. Official National Day Proclamation certificate via email proclaiming you as the sponsor of the National Day that you can share on social media
  4. Ability to purchase during checkout other services, such as a plaque.

Finally, you can create a National Valentine’s Day Proclamation for the one you love. What a great way to surprise them! Think of the fun you’ll have planning and celebrating the new day with the one you love. Click here to order your National Valentine’s Day Proclamation today.

Can you buy other National Day Proclamations besides Valentine’s Day? There are six categories of Proclamation Days. These National Days don’t go on the Master Calendar, but we will email you a professionally-designed official National Day Proclamation certificate with the name of your National Day and listing you as the registrant. You choose who you want to share the certification with and invite them to join in the honor.

  • Want a cool wedding gift? Why not a National Day for the newlyweds, such as National John and Jenny’s Wedding Day.
  • A parent can even create a National Day stating their love for a child. You don’t have to use their last name and can use your own words to speak the heart of your son or daughter. For instance, you can create National Daddy loves his Princess Day, or add their first or full name. The choice is yours. We’ll send you an official National Day Proclamation certificate with the exact love sentiment you choose for anything or anyone you are crazy about. You then share the certificate with the ones you love!
  • What about a special employee? Do they really need another coffee cup? Show them you really appreciate them by naming a National Day in appreciation, such as National John Doe Appreciation Day or National John Doe Acme, Inc. Worker of the Month Day.
  • You can even create an in remembrance National Day, to keep the memory alive. Name it what you want too and share it with those that deeply care as a way of staying connected.

The Proclamation Listing is the perfect choice if you plan to notify those in your circle of influence about the special day honoring that special someone. You choose whom to share the professionally-designed official National Day Proclamation certificate, and can even post it to social media. We also allow you to choose additional services, such as a plaque. It’s your day, so choose how you want to celebrate it.

Can you register a new National Day for other things? Today, anyone can register a new National Day to celebrate their interests and passions. Registering a National Day is different from a Proclamation Day, and hence has a higher application or registration fee. The largest differences are that a new National Day is (1) permanently listed on the master calendar at National Day Archives, (2) the day is available to the media, and (3) comes with a permanent dedicated web page that explains the new day and lists you as the sponsor. To find out more about how to register a new National Day, visit our website.

Whether you have an altruistic intent, you have business goals, or you simply want to create a special day for the sheer fun of it, you’ll find tips and techniques in our free e-book to help you every step of the way. Well guide you from brainstorming the name of your National Day to marketing it. We’re sure you’ll soon embrace our motto:

Seize the day by creating your own National Day