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What day is National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day celebrated? February 6. This is one week and one day before Valentine’s Day, to ensure your gift arrives in time.

What is National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day? This day was created to keep you from making the mistake of forgetting to plan a perfect day or get that perfect gift for your Valentine. Most loved ones want to be appreciated and thought of on Valentine’s Day. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of something last minute.

National Valentine Shopping Reminder Day is celebrated on February 6, which is one week and one day before Valentine’s Day. This gives you time to plan that perfect date or order the perfect Valentine gift to ensure that it arrives in time! So start panning or shopping right now.

There are a few ways to celebrate this holiday. First, give thought to how to find a unique gift or come up with a creative way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Second, if you plan to buy a gift, order or buy it gift today.

Unique Gift Ideas

Tired of buying chocolates or flowers. Here are a few unique or special ways of saying “I Love You.”

  1. Create a National Day in the name of your Valentine
  2. Write a poem or love letter
  3. Repeat your first date or start a new tradition

Write a Poem or Love Letter. If you want something less flashy, them write your own poem or love letter. It doesn’t need to be a Hallmark card. Taking the time to write something from your heart will touch the heart of your Valentine!

Repeat your first date or start a new tradition. Traditions matter and are meaningful. One idea for Valentine’s Day is to recreate your first date or a special moment you shared. You can always start a new tradition, such as a picnic, carriage ride, go to see a play, walk on the beach, etc. The point is that if you create a tradition for how you celebrate a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, it will create a lasting memory and be something you look forward to all year long. Now that’s a great Valentine’s present.