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When is National Underground America Day?

National Underground America Day occurs on May 14th.

What is National Underground America Day?

Everybody likes a basement, but some of us want nothing else. What if your home was entirely basement? If that thought thrills you, National Underground America Day is your day, a day devoted to subterranean living and the benefits of life underground.

You don’t have to become a mole to appreciate subsurface construction. Among its advantages are energy conservation and the preservation of natural environments. Some underground buildings are fully buried in earth—and plants and bushes and whatever else naturally grows in their locale. Others nestle cozily into earthen berms on three sides.

Malcolm Wells (1926-2009) preached the good news of “earth-sheltered architecture.” He built his own home and offices below ground, advocating widely for subsurface human structures covered over with the habitats they would otherwise destroy.

Fun facts about National Underground America Day!

  • Underground homes don’t experience rapid temperature changes, so it is easier to heat them and cool them.
  • Earth-sheltered homes tend to be more sound proof and require less outdoor maintenance like gutter cleaning and roofing repair.
  • Insurance policies for underground homes tend to be cheaper because these structures are safer from most natural disasters.
  • It is hard to resell an underground home, so it is also hard to find a mortgage for one.

How to celebrate National Underground America Day:

  • Cover your above-ground house in dirt. Or, just build an earth-sheltered home.
  • Eat some underground food, like potatoes and parsnips.
  • Join with your friends to create a collaboration of future subterranean dwellers. Plan your subsurface homes close to each other, and connect them via underground transportation and communication. Yours could be the first fully integrated underground society!

What’s the hashtag for National Underground America Day?

Use #UndergroundAmericaDay on social media when you post your dreams of a subterranean future.