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When is National US Postage Stamp Day? The celebration of this unique currency is on July 1st.

What is National US Postage Stamp Day? The first US stamp was issued on July 1, 1847. Up until that then, people could send a mailed item and the receiver could simply pay when it arrived. Once the first stamp was issued, however, it was so effective that by 1855 the postage stamp became required. 

Fun Fact about National US Postage Stamp Day! Former president, Franklin Roosevelt, is known as “America’s number one stamp collector.” He acquired the stamp collecting hobby from his mother when he was a child. By the time of his death, Roosevelt had over 1,200,000 stamps which filled 150 albums! This hobby gave Roosevelt an acute appreciation of various cultures and geographies. To this day, the stamps he received from Heads-of-State and foreign administrations are kept in the Roosevelt Library museum.

How to celebrate National US Postage Stamp Day: You can use this pdf  to print out your own stamp and then create your own design. Celebrating national US postage stamp day doesn’t come much finer than crafting your own stamp!

As digital delivery systems only increase (email, social media, etc.), stamps will become more and more rare. If you’re a parent, consider getting into a stamp collection hobby with your little one(s)!

What is the hashtag for National US Postage Stamp Day? Use #USPostageStampDay to post on social media