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What day is National Twins Day celebrated? First weekend in August.

What is National Twins Day? National Twins Day is a day to celebrate the special bond between twins, whether identical (monozygotic) or fraternal (dizygotic). To form identical twins, one fertilized egg splits and develops two babies with the exact same DNA or genetic information.

Here are some fun facts about twins to help you celebrate National Twins Day according to one source:

  • One in 30 babies born in the U.S. is now a twin.
  • Identical twins do not have identical fingerprints.
  • Massachusetts has the most twin births of any state in America (4.5 for every 100 live births)
  • Mirror image identical twins have reverse asymmetric features. About 25 percent of identical twins develop directly facing each other, meaning they become exact reflections of one another.
  • Tall women are more likely to have twins.
  • Women who eat a lot of dairy are more prone to conceiving twins.
  • Twins interact with each other in the womb.
  • Some conjoined twins can feel and taste what the other one does.

Who created this day? National Twins Day was inspired by a pair of twins, Moses and Aaron Wilcox. In 1819, this pair of identical twins donated 6 acres of land to the town of Millsville, Ohio on the condition that it change its name to Twinsburg. In 1976, the grateful town of Twinsburg began hosting an annual festival for twins. That year only 36 twins showed up, but today more than 2,000 twins show up at the festival.

How to celebrate: If you are a twin, spend time together. If you don’t live close, connect on the phone or through social media. In addition, consider planning a trip to attend the Twinsburg festival. Be sure to post pictures and memories on social media.

What is the hashtag? The hashtag for National Twins Day is #NationalTwinsDay.

What other national days are there for twins or family members? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate family, including:

There are many other national days relating to family. In fact, National Day Archives has a separate category just for Family. (See links on top of page)

If you are a twin enjoy the national day. If you know a twin, be sure to help them celebrate national twins day in style.