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What day is National Twilighters Day celebrated? September 13

What is National Twilighters Day?

National Twilighters Day is a day to celebrate the cultural phenomenon that resulted from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series.

When the books first began to be released on October 5, 2005, they quickly drew a crowd of fans. Many believe Twilight fans were just teenage girls like the main character, Bella Swan, but in reality, fans of the Twilight Saga are both men and women and come from all age groups.

Since then, and also as a result of the success of the Twilight films, tourism to Forks, Washington, the setting of the novels, has increased dramatically, to the excitement of all involved. Residents of the area quickly saw an opportunity to educate fans about their town, which Meyer faithfully described in her books. Locals created a central hub for fans to gather, Lepell’s Flowers, Gifts and Twilight Central, and even began a tour bus system. Many fans return to the town after experiencing it to enjoy the global community that has developed as a result of the popularity of the Twilight saga. This community has even had the opportunity to get involved in many forms of charity work, even going as far as to help raise funds to support cancer patients.

Why was this day created?

To celebrate this global community, the town of Forks, the author, and the stories that gave rise to this fanbase.

Who created this day? 

This day was created by April Tinnes, Patsy Harrison, Twyla Moore and Cindy Stapp in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated?

On September 13, which is both main character Bella Swan and author Stephanie Meyer’s birthday, fans and VIPs alike will gather in Forks, Washington, for food, fun, and games. Those who cannot attend are invited to join in the celebration by wearing Twilight apparel and posting pictures to social media.

What is the hashtag? Hashtags include #nationaltwilightersday and #stephaniemeyerday