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When is National Tradesmen Day?

The third Friday in September is National Tradesmen Day.

What is National Tradesmen Day?

Is your refrigerator running? Better go thank a tradesman. Did you flush your toilet today? Thank a tradesman. These men and women keep America going strong, and National Tradesman Day honors their work.

Our water systems and power grids run because of people working hard in the trades. When the chimney crumbles and the pipes burst, it’s a tradesman to the rescue. They maintain our roads and support our cities, and do a fine job of it too!

So here’s a day to thank these fine folk for the skill mastery that they use to support our country. Electricians and welders, auto mechanics and HVAC specialists, tradesmen of all sorts keep our communities comfortable and our businesses booming. We owe them our thanks.

Fun facts about National Tradesmen Day!

  • Irwin Tools instituted National Tradesmen Day in 2001.
  • It took 16,000 tradesmen five years to build the Hoover Dam, which finished in 1936.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge’s completion in 1937 required 13,000 people, and more than 2 billion vehicles have crossed it since then. Thanks, tradesmen!

How to celebrate National Tradesmen Day:

  • Are there tradesmen working on your home or your business? Take them a cooler of sports drinks or a plate of homemade cookies. Ask about their work to investigate and appreciate the techniques that make them masters of what they do.
  • Look for local events and activities that educate the community about the trades.
  • Find someone working in the trades and thank them. Social media shout outs or a solid handshake go a long way. Give them a wave. Though, if they’re on a ladder, give them a break if they don’t wave back. They’re working hard to keep things together.

What’s the hashtag for National Tradesmen Day?

Use #NationalTradesmenDay to celebrate National Tradesmen Day on social media.