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When will this Day be celebrated?  June 16th of each calendar year.

What is National Tortilla Day?  

National Tortilla Day is a day all about corn tortillas, flour tortillas and wheat tortillas! There are so many different ways to enjoy tortillas and the whole family can participate. Tortillas can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, dinner, family cookout, party, sporting event etc. There is literally never a wrong time to have a tortilla, especially if they are fresh, homestyle with no chemicals or preservatives!

Why is this day being created?   

Tortilleria Cuauhtémoc is a small family tortilla factory that opened on June 16, 2002. We are celebrating 20 years this year and would like to make June 16th a National Tortilla Day to celebrate with the community & customers who have supported us over the years. We would not be here without their support and we want to create creative events for the community to enjoy every year.

How should this day be observed?   

Celebrate by buying your favorite tortillas or making some at home just like grandma would. The point is to enjoy fresh, homestyle tortillas with family & friends!

Who created this day?  This day was created by Tortilleria Cuauhtémoc in 2022.