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When will National Teens Voter Registration Day be celebrated? September 10 of each calendar year.

What is National Teens Voter Registration Day?National Teens Voter Registration Day is a call to action, a movement that aims to inspire and mobilize teenagers to actively participate in the democratic process. It’s more than just casting a vote; it’s about empowering young minds to make a difference in their communities. This campaign provides teens with the tools for registration, fosters informed decision-making, and instills a strong sense of civic duty. By engaging in political discussions, teenagers can play a significant role in their communities through active participation in electoral processes.

How should National Teens Voter Registration Day be celebrated or observed? The impact of National Teens Voter Registration Day is amplified when people unite as a community—organizing voter registration drives, educational workshops, mock elections, political discussions, social media campaigns, and community events.  Together, we can foster a culture that promotes civic participation and a sense of responsibility toward the well-being of future generations.

Why was National Teens Voter Registration Day created? It was created by Letina Brady Pettis, the founder of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 4 TEENS. This day is symbolic because it is dedicated to her father, who passionately advocated for youth empowerment and ensuring their voices are heard.

September 10 is his birthday, a fitting occasion to honor his legacy and commitment to nurturing the civic engagement of young individuals. It’s a day that’s not just about voting but about honoring those who fought for your right to vote.

What’s the hashtag for National Voter Registration Day? Get the word out with #TeensVoterRegistrationDay on social media.

Who created this day? Letina Brady Pettis, founder of Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 4 TEENS, in 2024.