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When is National Teach Children to Save Day?

Teach Children to Save Day occurs every year in April.

What is National Teach Children to Save Day?

Retirement is expensive. Just ask someone who had to come out of retirement to work. It takes dedication, consistency, and a plan. Saving can be daunting though, so Bankers use Teach Children to Save Day as a way to promote financial literacy and the value of saving.

The lack of financial knowledge among Americans inspired the American Bankers Association to create Teach Children to Save Day. Bankers visit classrooms and host afterschool events to teach financial skills so that kids will then make better informed financial decisions the rest of their lives.

Fun facts about National Teach Children to Save Day!

  • Automatic savings deposits are the easiest way to save money. You never see it as it goes from paycheck to savings, so you’re not tempted to spend instead of save it.
  • Albert Einstein called compound interest the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Starting small, like $50 per month, is better than not starting at all. (Check out that compound interest.)
  • Because Teach Children to Save Day requires coordination between banks and schools, the ABA publicizes a new April date every year that works for both institutions.

How to celebrate National Teach Children to Save Day:

  • Participate in an official Teach Children to Save Day event. If there isn’t one at your children’s school, offer to coordinate with a local bank to create one.
  • Get your kids saving A.S.A.P. If they’re little, use small chores for quarters to teach them how to save money. If they’re a bit older, get them a checking account and help them find odd jobs or after school jobs so they can gain some financial know-how.
  • Lead by example. Establish your own saving habits, and then show the plan to your kids.

What’s the hashtag for National Teach Children to Save Day?

Use #TeachChildrenToSaveDay on social media to promote financial literacy.