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When is National Tattoo Removal Day? August 14

Why is this day being celebrated? National Tattoo Removal Day is a day to celebrate the innovative procedure of laser tattoo removal, support the people that seek tattoo removal, and recognize the practitioners that perform laser tattoo removal.

Historical Information: As tattoo popularity continues to rise, so does tattoo regret and the demand for laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removal methods have been around for centuries and have continued to improve thanks to technological advancements. Today, laser tattoo removal has become the safest, most effective, and most sought-after method for removing unwanted ink.

Founding Date:  National Tattoo Removal Day comes 1 month after National Tattoo Day (July 17), which is how long a patient must wait after getting a tattoo applied to remove it. National Tattoo Removal Day is also 6 months out from Valentine’s Day (February 14), which is typically how long it takes for a patient to completely remove a medium-sized black ink tattoo, like an ex-partner’s name, before getting a new tattoo applied.National Tattoo Removal Day is the perfect opportunity for patients to remove unwanted name tattoos in time for a new Valentine’s Day lover.

Who founded this day? Astanza Laser founded this day in 2018

How to Celebrate: If you’ve been contemplating having a tattoo removed, today is the day! There are various motivations for getting tattoo removal: occupation change, new parent lifestyle, new relationship, fading for a cover-up tattoo, make room for new artwork, remove an offensive or gang-related tattoo, erase tattoo regret, etc. Whatever compels you to remove your tattoo, get connected with a tattoo removal clinic and remove your unwanted ink today! Use #NationalTattooRemovalDay on social media to spread the word, like the National Tattoo Removal Day Facebook page, and visit for more information.