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When is this day celebrated? August 8

What is this day? Tarantulas comprise a group of large and often hairy spiders. There’s Spider Appreciation Day for spiders in general but what about tarantulas specifically? Many Americans love Tarantulas and Tarantulas deserve their own day! National Tarantula Appreciation Day is the day to celebrate these beautiful spiders. Here are some fun facts about them:

  • There are approximately 900 species of tarantula in the family Theraphosidae.
  • The tarantula’s reputation is based more on legend than reality as there are only a few species which have a powerful bite. The venom of most is not highly toxic to humans.
  • Some species have adhesive ‘hair-brushes’ on the tip of their legs which allows them to climb vertically up even the smoothest leaves.
  • Some of the more popular and colourful species are now threatened due to collecting for the exotic pet trade.  The Mexican red-kneed tarantula is a protected species and international trade in this spider is restricted under law.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Palp Friction Tarantulas in August 2019.

How should this day be celebrated?

  • Celebrate Tarantula Appreciation Day by sharing photos and videos of your Tarantulas!
  • Maybe purchase a new Tarantula or upgrade someone’s enclosure!
  • Just spend the day appreciating Tarantulas!