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When is National Supreme Sacrifice Day?

March 18th is National Supreme Sacrifice Day.

What is National Supreme Sacrifice Day?

Stories of sacrifice inspire us. Parents for children, soldiers for civilians, people who forfeit their lives stir our hearts and motivate us to do great things. National Supreme Sacrifice Day honors anyone who has paid the ultimate price so that others may live.

The greatest tales of human spirit involve bravery in the face of death. Someone pays the supreme sacrifice when they forfeit their life for a cause, whether it’s their country, religion, or ideals like the freedom of speech. We remember martyrs and fallen soldiers because their deaths make our freedom possible.

It’s a healthy habit to remember these courageous people any day of the year, but we especially pay them homage on National Supreme Sacrifice Day.

Fun facts about National Supreme Sacrifice Day!

  • During the American Revolution, the British caught Nathan Hale and executed him for espionage. His final words were ““I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”
  • Four Bengali students were killed by Pakistani police in 1952 while protesting for the right to use their mother language. International Mother Language Day is celebrated on the anniversary of their death.
  • Polycarp was a martyr for the Christian religion in the second century A.D. He refused to burn incense to the Roman emperor, so tradition has it that he was burned at the stake and then stabbed to death.

How to celebrate National Supreme Sacrifice Day:

  • Write to the family of fallen soldiers. Show your support and gratitude for the sacrifice their loved one made.
  • Share on social media an example of someone who paid the supreme sacrifice. This could be a soldier, a unit of soldiers, or a religious or political martyr.

What’s the hashtag for National Supreme Sacrifice Day?

Honor a fallen soldier or martyr on social media with #SupremeSacrificeDay.