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On what day is National Stop Nausea Day celebrated? The third Tuesday in May

What is National Stop Nausea Day? National Stop Nausea Day exists to raise awareness of the millions of Americans who suffer daily from severe nausea caused by various conditions and activities. Along with raising awareness, it gives a voice to those who suffer and opens up their eyes to the fact that they are not alone.

The number of Americans who suffer daily from nausea is considerably higher than most people expect. Those who suffer from nausea often feel like they are alone and that no one, not even friends and family, fully understands what they are experiencing.

Nausea can be caused by many things, and can affect anyone. Motion sickness is one of the most common causes of nausea, which can be triggered by a multitude of experiences including simulations, boats, planes, trains, cars and amusement park rides. Pregnant women often experience nausea from morning sickness. Those undergoing chemotherapy often experience Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV), which can cause distress, discomfort and dissatisfaction in cancer patients. Lastly, postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV), is one of the most commonly reported adverse effects of anesthesia.

Many sufferers believe they have tried everything—from eating ginger or mint to over-the-counter nausea medicines. National Stop Nausea exists to raise awareness for other options, as well as create a community where nausea sufferers can offer and receive support.

Who founded this day? This day was founded in 2018 by Reliefband Technologies LLC.

What is the hashtag? Use the hashtag #NationalStopNauseaDay when sharing on social media.

How to celebrate: Celebrate this day by building awareness for the community of nausea sufferers, sharing treatment options and identifying and supporting fellow sufferers.

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