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When is National Stepfamily Day?

National Stepfamily Day takes place on September 16th.

What is National Stepfamily Day?

Remarriage with kids can be chaotic, but it’s good. After the mess of trying to mesh together two different families, one day you realize it has clicked into place. Everything fits, and you’re a new family. National Stepfamily Day brings stepfamilies together to celebrate the joy of living in a stepfamily.

Our movies and books tend to give stepfamilies—especially stepmoms—a bad rap. In reality, stepmoms can be cool, stepdads can be caring, and these relationships take time. Just as with any other family, you make the best of it and it pays off in the end.

Every family needs regular time together. For stepfamilies, it’s even more important because of how these relationships develop. National Stepfamily Day is the perfect chance to celebrate and grow those ties.

Fun facts about National Stepfamily Day!

  • Establishing relationships between stepchildren and stepparents takes time, just like all relationships, but it happens.
  • Fairy tales about wicked stepmothers negatively (and wrongly) impact the perception of real stepmoms.
  • About 75% of divorcees remarry, and 65% bring children from a prior marriage.
  • Christy Tusing-Borgeld launched National Stepfamily Day in 1997, five years after she became a stepmom herself.

How to celebrate National Stepfamily Day:

  • Have a barbeque or a family picnic.
  • Play board games or card games. Pick something the whole family can enjoy.
  • Enjoy a family evening on the town with roller skating, bowling, mini-golfing, or just a quick ice cream.
  • Take a day trip. Go to the zoo. Visit the mountains, beach, river, caverns, whatever natural landmark is nearby. Or just track down a local museum.

What’s the hashtag for National Stepfamily Day?

Give your stepfamily a shout on social media with #NationalStepFamilyDay.