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When is National Sprout Day? This day will take place on July 23 of each calendar year.

What is National Sprout Day? National Sprout Day is a day to eat sprouts, start sprouting at home, and educate others about the countless benefits of these supergreens. It’s also a gentle reminder to be sproutful—to be a force of kindness, hope, positivity, generosity, and love in the world.

Sprouts are one of the most powerful greens on the planet. As baby greens in their first two weeks of life, they are naturally chock full of easy-to-absorb vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, and special plant compounds (like sulforaphane). Gram for gram, sprouts can have up to 40x more nutrients than their full grown veggie counterparts. In short, they are nature’s most delicious and powerful multivitamin—but they also support social and environmental sustainability by providing an accessible food source for all.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? July 23rd is Steve “the Sproutman” Meyerowitz’s birthday. Although he is sadly no longer with us, he spent 40+ years of his life educating people about the incredible benefits of eating and growing sprouts—while also spreading a message of positivity, kindness, and love. Since the 70s, he was a true pioneer in bringing these greens to the mainstream. To honor and continue his decades of trailblazing work, we want July 23rd to be National Sprout Day. (View the petition at

How should this day be celebrated or observed? On Sprout Day, people can celebrate by eating sprouts, growing sprouts, sharing sprouts with others, and educating about the benefits of growing and eating these baby plants.

Who created this day? This day was created in July 2021 by Sproutman.