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When will National Spritz Day be celebrated? August 1st of each calendar year.

What is National Spritz Day? Situated at the end of summer, National Spritz Day offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy some delightful and refreshing spritz beverages. The combination of warm weather and refreshing bubbles combine together to make a festive experience whether with an Aperol spritz, a champagne cocktail, a French 75 cocktail or some other delicious spritz drink!

How should National Spritz Day be celebrated or observed? One of the best things to do in honor of National Spritz Day would be to grab a few friends, head over to the bar after work and order up a delicious spritz drink. Or, even better, take the day off, hang out by the pool in the warm weather, and enjoy drinking some spritzes there. Whichever version of spritz cocktail is chosen and however it is enjoyed, this is definitely a delightful day to celebrate!.

Why was National Spritz Day created? The history of National Spritz Day can be followed all the way back to the 1800s when wine drinks were combined with sparkling soda water to create a new kind of cocktail. The story goes that this was created in Italy during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Austrian soldiers traveled to Italy and changed the way they drank wine. The name likely came from the fact that spritz means “splash” in German, referring to the splash of soda water that was placed in the wine.

Since that time the spritz drink has evolved to become a combination of certain liqueurs, particularly bitters, with prosecco or champagne or club soda, often with a garnish or a citrus twist. While the Aperol Spritz has become one of the more popular of the drinks in this family, there are a number of other delicious spritz drinks that can be enjoyed hailing not only from Italy, but all over the world.

Who created this day? This day was created by Petite Wine Traveler in 2023.