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What day is this celebrated? October 11

Why is this day being celebrated? National Spread Joy Day is a chance to flip the conversations in our newsfeed and our newsrooms from negative to positive. On this day, people are encouraged to surprise friends and family with an unexpected gift, a coffee or maybe just an email. The point is that on this day we can on focus on bringing joy to each other.

Who founded this day? National Spread Joy day was started in 2018 by Knack, a gifting company headquartered in Seattle Washington, to change the dialogue in our country.

Why was this day created?¬†Overwhelmed by the negativity in newsfeeds, Knack CEO Laura Jennings wanted to show that there is joy being shared all around us — we just don’t talk about it as much. So, she and the Knack team created National Spread Joy Day to enable people to send gifts of joy, to do acts of joy and to create more joyful conversations.

How to celebrate: You can send one of thousands of free gifts on the website, surprise a friend with a coffee, visit the Knack gift exchange party in Seattle or simply send a surprise email. The point is to think of way you can unexpectedly contribute joy to the life of someone in your world.