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When is National Spouses Day?

January 26th is National Spouses Day.

What is National Spouses Day?

It’s you two against the world. You’re in it together, to the very end, and you’ll take any opportunity to celebrate that, like National Spouses Day. This is a day to have fun with your spouse and enjoy all those reasons you got hitched.

Now, birthdays and anniversaries are important too, but National Spouses Day takes a different approach. It’s not about getting each other gifts or landing at a ritzy restaurant. Here is a day to devote time to one another, to remember old inside jokes, to talk about why you married each other.

Americans are busy people, and too many important things get lost in the frenzy of daily life. National Spouses Day is the ideal chance to redirect your focus and set time aside to celebrate each other.

Fun facts about National Spouses Day!

  • The longest marriage on record lasted 291 days past the 90th anniversary.
  • Happily married people tend to be more productive than people in rocky marriages.
  • People get more satisfaction from a good marriage than from sex, money, or children.

How to celebrate National Spouses Day:

  • Spend time with your spouse simply enjoying each other’s company. What shared interests brought you together in the first place? If you haven’t done those things in a while, this is the day for it.
  • Write your spouse a letter or a card. Express why you are still glad you got married. If your reasons have changed over the years, explain how. Be specific and thoughtful.

What’s the hashtag for National Spouses Day?

Give your spouse a social media shout out with #NationalSpousesDay.