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When is National Splurge Day?

National Splurge Day is June 18th.

What is National Splurge Day?

Busy people need a break. Anxious people need a respite. Even thrifty people need a reward for all that cost-cutting finesse. This chance comes along (at least) once a year on National Splurge Day, the occasion to spend, savor, and indulge for the sake of our sanity.

Do you watch your budget like a hawk? Are you too busy to get a haircut? Are your friends a Spartan sea of minimalists? Then National Splurge Day is the day for you to dial back your frugality and thumb your nose at those daily stressors.

It’s not about overspending, so don’t just max out your credit cards. To splurge is to spend money on luxuries without worrying about how it affects your finances. Being a kind of self-care, strategic splurging may actually be healthy.

So, what counts as strategic? There are no rules, but here are some good starting guidelines: don’t blow the budget, don’t destroy your health, and don’t be a selfish jerk. Follow those principles, and you’ll have a rocking good time on National Splurge Day.

Fun facts about National Splurge Day!

  • Anxiety is bad for our physical and mental health. Self-care resets our attention on what matters and reminds us to stop worrying.
  • Constant self-indulgence may promote unhealthy social and financial attitudes, but intermittent and strategic self-indulgence can reduce the effects of financial stress
  • Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith launched National Splurge Day in 1994.

How to celebrate National Splurge Day:

  • Create a fund for occasional splurges. It frees your mind when you’re choosing how to indulge yourself, and it helps restrain impulsive behavior.
  • Spend money on things you’ll enjoy long-term. Where do you spend your time? What do you think about? Drop coin on those things.
  • Indulge in experiences with other people, whether it’s planning a vacation or day at the spa. Make some memories.

What’s the hashtag for National Splurge Day?

Use #NationalSplurgeDay on social media to share your splurges with your friends.