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When is Social Media Day?

June 30th is Social Media Day.

What is Social Media Day?

This ain’t your grandpa’s holiday. Your grandpa probably has a profile though. He might even be using it right now to watch baby eagles hatch, live. Social Media Day celebrates the ways social media connects the world and has changed global communication.

The internet gave us access to more information, which made the world bigger. Social media, though, has made the world smaller. It connects us to people and causes around the globe. Non-profits and governments, clubs and individuals alike leverage social media to share life and broadcast messages.

Spaniards can Tweet about gourmet breakfasts for followers in South Africa. Folks in Kentucky can read hourly updates from their favorite travel blogger’s trek across Asia. Social media gives us first-hand footage of catastrophes, military conflicts, and tragedies—and convenient “donate now” buttons that let people show tangible support from across the globe.

We’re connected with more people than ever. Social Media Day is a day to enjoy that fact and remember to use socials wisely.

Fun facts about Social Media Day!

  • The average internet user maintains 7.6 accounts across various social media platforms.
  • Every day, people share over 3.2 billion pictures on social media.
  • Instagram’s own Instagram account had more than 275 million followers at the beginning of 2019, the most followers on that platform.
  • Mashable created Social Media Day in 2010.

How to celebrate Social Media Day:

  • You were already going to post on your favorite social media platform, so do something unique today. Give someone props, or share a friend’s post.
  • Use one of your accounts to send a private message to at least two people you haven’t contacted in a while.
  • Reflect on your social media habits. Make sure that you’re getting the most out of your social media, not that it’s getting the most out of you.

What’s the hashtag for Social Media Day?

Celebrate by using #SMDay and #SocialMediaDay on, that’s right, social media.