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What day is National Soccer Day celebrated? July 28.

What is National Soccer Day? National Soccer Day celebrates soccer, which is the most popular sporting game in the world. Soccer is played by 250 million in over 200 countries. Although soccer and American football each have 11 players per side, that’s where the similarities end. In soccer, only the goalkeeper may touch the ball with their hands and then only in the goal area. In the 1880’s the term “soccer” was coined to distinguish this game from other games, such as football. When first played, soccer was a dangerous sport and was even banned in 1314 by Edward II. But children and adults still found a way to play the sport until it was eventually legalized.

How to celebrate National Soccer Day: Soccer is a great way of getting into shape or sharpening your reflexes. Kick a soccer ball in the yard with friends or get a game going. If you don’t own a soccer ball, then use this day to buy one. Other ways to celebrate National Soccer Day is to buy a child a soccer ball, including neighbor kids who might not be able to afford one. You can also watch a soccer game on TV. Make a party out of it. Post your favorite soccer players or soccer moments on social media.  

What is the hashtag for National Soccer Day? The hashtag for National Soccer Day is #NationalSoccerDay. 

What other national days are there for soccer? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate soccer or sports, including:

  • National Football Day July 19

There are many other national days relating to sports. In fact, National Day Archives has a separate category just for sports. Of course, you can create your own national day celebrating your favorite sport. (See the Create on here in the top right corner.) It just might become as popular as National Soccer Day!