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When is National Singles Day?

National Singles Day takes place on the Saturday of Singles Week, the third full week in September.

What is National Singles Day?

American culture talks a lot about love, but not everyone is romantically involved. Where’s the love for the single life? Right here. National Singles Day celebrates the fun and freedom of single living.

People used to think something was wrong with folks who were single in their 30s. Times change. Nowadays, more people are choosing to stay single longer. Some focus on careers and self-development, aiming to marry later in life. Others intend never to marry. And some are just holding out for compatibility.

Whatever the reason, single lifestyles are becoming more popular as people take advantage of the unique kind of freedom that non-attachment offers. And National Singles Day is the opportunity to celebrate flying solo.

Fun facts about National Singles Day!

  • Single people get better sleep.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2018 that over 110 million American tax payers are single, which is about 45% of U.S. residents age 18 and over.
  • Unmarried folks tend to have fewer financial afflictions.
  • Singles Day started in China in the ‘90s. The Chinese celebrate it on November 11, giving it a thoroughly single date: 11/11.
  • Singles are apt to be independent and resilient while also cultivating deeper friendships than their shacked up counterparts.

How to celebrate National Singles Day:

If you live alone, get out of the house, and hang with your single friends. Or, invite your friends over for a singles celebration. Guys night, girls night, non-segregated-singles night, however you play it, there are no rules. Have fun and enjoy your status.

What’s the hashtag for National Singles Day?

Celebrate the single life with #NationalSinglesDay on social media.