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When is National Single Parent Day?

National Single Parent Day is March 21st.

What is National Single Parent Day?

Raising kids is hard, and that’s even if you have a teammate. Single parenting presents a pile of unique challenges, so National Single Parent Day recognizes the dedication and sacrifices single parents make to raise their kids.

Divorce, separation, or the death of a spouse are often the reasons parents must go solo. In addition to the separation and the challenges it entails, kids require a hefty emotional tax from their parents. Losing a spouse to share the load means there’s less of mom or dad to go around. Single-parent families are also more vulnerable to poverty.

And despite all this, these ladies and gents work hard to provide for their kids, to support them emotionally, and to teach them good character. It’s a heavy load, and National Single Parent Day lauds them for their efforts and their sacrifices that make it work.

Fun facts about National Single Parent Day!

  • A quarter of U.S. kids grow up in single-parent families.
  • A lop-sided 84% of single parents are mothers, and 44% of those women are divorced or separated. In the 16% of single parenting fathers, 57% are divorced or separated.
  • A third of single parents live in poverty and receive government assistance.
  • The first National Single Parent Day occurred March 21st, 1984.

How to celebrate National Single Parent Day:

Support a single parent you know. Send them a note about how admirable their efforts are. Give them a gift card to get coffee or a drink. Offer to take care of some regular task for them so that they can spend more time with their kids.

What’s the hashtag for National Single Parent Day?

Spread the word on social media with #NationalSingleParentDay.