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When is National Shopping Reminder Day?

November 25th is National Shopping Reminder Day.

What is National Shopping Reminder Day?

Anyone can fight through traffic on Christmas Eve to snag a gizmo, but you want your gifts to be significant. You also know that thoughtful gifts take time and foresight. One month before Christmas, National Shopping Reminder Day prompts us to complete our shopping and avoid the holiday rush.

Almost 30% of consumers finish their holiday shopping by Black Friday, but some of us still have items on the list. National Shopping Reminder Day is the signal to finish the task before the season gets hectic.

And if you’re shopping online, don’t forget that packages might need a couple weeks to arrive. You don’t want to pay extra shipping costs just to expedite, especially if that means some presents might be late.

With only 30 days left before St. Nick shows up, National Shopping Reminder Day can give us a final burst of energy to buy those final purchases.

Fun facts about National Shopping Reminder Day!

  • Burning Christmas trees caused 170 U.S. house fires in 2015. (So, maybe this is the year to replace those Christmas lights from the ‘90s.)
  • A lot of Americans shop on the john. A report by PayPal Money Habits from 2017 expected as many as 46% to do their Christmas shopping on the toilet.
  • That same report said that 20% of Baby Boomers would rather go to the dentist than shop for the holidays.

How to celebrate National Shopping Reminder Day:

Plan a family trip to the mall, or get a group of friends together to peruse the department stores.

What’s the hashtag for National Shopping Reminder Day?

Help your friends and family out with a gentle reminder on social media using #ShoppingReminderDay.