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When will this Day be celebrated?  August 3rd of each calendar year.

What is National Senior Pet Day?  National Senior Pet Day acknowledges and celebrates senior companion animals. Puppies and kittens are all the rage but they grow up too and owners should appreciate and share this appreciation for their senior pet with the world! Senior pets may be a bit more gray and walk more slowly but they have just as much love to give and make incredible companions!

National Senior Pet Day will be celebrated yearly on August 3rd. Newman Nation: Senior Pets United is a non-profit rescue that saves senior cats and dogs and was inspired by a senior dog named Newman, who was rescued on August 3rd, 2014.

Why is this day being created?  National Senior Pet Day is being created to celebrate senior pets. While there is a month dedicated to adopting senior pets (November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month), this day would celebrate ALL pets in their golden years. The worst part about owning a pet is that they don’t live forever but senior pets are just as incredible and fulfilling as their younger counterparts and deserve to be cherished and loved. This is an inclusive day as every pet owner with a senior pet can celebrate and share what makes their older companion so great.

How should this day be observed?  National Senior Pet Day encourages the celebration of senior companion animals and owners may spoil them a little extra on this day. This day should also be promoted on social media with pet owners sharing photos and stories of their senior pets which will hopefully encourage others to consider adopting an older animal of their own.

Who created this day?  This day was created by Newman Nation: Senior Pets United in 2022.