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When is National Rum Day? National Rum Day is enjoyed every year on August 16th.

What is National Rum Day? Rum is made from molasses or  sugar cane juice. Often, rum is aged in wooden oak barrels. In the 1620’s a Caribbean plantation discovered that molasses could be fermented into alcohol. In 1703 Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. was founded. To this day Mount Gay remains the world’s oldest distillery. 

Fun facts Rum: 

  • Rum was manufactured, distilled, and made long before any other spirit. It’s history is a vast one filled with stories, and fables. It was the first branded spirit made.
  • Rations of rum were given to sailors in the Royal Navy to be mixed with lime juice because it fought off the scurvy.
  • The infamous Admiral Nelson that died in the Battle of Tralfager, had his body preserved in a cask of rum before it was laid to rest.
  • One of the famous drinks known as a rum sour was created in Barbados and served in a conch shell.
  • More than 80 percent of the world’s rum sources originate in Puerto Rico. This is because of the sugar cane that is used in the product that comes from the area as well.

How to celebrate National Rum Day: Considering the heat, we would highly recommend trying out a cold/frozen rum cocktail. Began at Rum Therapy to wet your imagination for National Rum Day!

What is the hashtag for National Rum Day? Post the rum experiments at #nationalrumday! As always, drink responsibly and be mindful of your friends.