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When will this Day be celebrated?  April 29th of each calendar year.

What is National Rugelach Day?   

National Rugelach Day will celebrate the rich history, ancient recipes (some tightly held) and important stories surrounding this world famous and unique cookie. Pastry chefs, homemakers, cookie lovers and bakers everywhere will celebrate National Rugelach Day by baking and serving this fine sweet, rolled pastry which is a mouthwatering taste experience and is highly sought after. The date of Rugelach’s celebration takes place after most cultures have emerged from the religious observation of fasting.

Why is this day being created?   

National Rugelach Day celebrates the wonderfully delicious crisp yet soft rolled pastry made with flour, butter, cinnamon, spices, fruit or chocolate and dates back centuries.  Rugelach is widely known as a Polish and Jewish cookie predating the year 1650 (  National Rugelach Day will herald this fine confection and will establish this important day as one fondly looked forward to by all people.  

The establishment of National Rugelach Day on April 29, 2022, will celebrate the diversity of this rich, textured cookie and will educate, inform and celebrate its rich diverse history.  Curiosity of Rugelach’s celebration for those unaware of this cookie’s rich history, recipe and baking methods will awaken a deliciously fun and fulfilling discovery of a new food sensation, once tasted, will undoubtedly become an unmatched favorite.  Celebration of National Rugelach Day will also serve to elevate the palate of many who already know of Rugelach but haven’t heard of its history, been able to source, bake or taste it.  The celebration of National Rugelach Day will increase the appreciation for this diverse culinary treasure, bring together various cultures through its celebration and expand the palate of every person who consumes it.  The national pastry industry may expand to include it due to the acknowledgement and celebration of National Rugelach Day as an important, delicious and extra-special pastry deserving of its own National Day of Recognition and celebration by all.

How should this day be observed?   

National Rugelach Day should be celebrated by discussing its rich history, unique texture, shape, flavors, recipes, bakers, bakeries, ingredients, alterations, stories of importance in cultures across the world, significance in social settings, discussions on its place in history and during important celebrations and the taste memory it evokes. National Rugelach Day should be observed by baking and seeking out this delicious baked confection, consuming and sharing it. Rugelach is a delight everyone should enjoy and celebrate.  Check out for New York’s best handmade Rugelach!  

Who created this day?  This day was created by Alvin Lee Smalls at Lee Lee’s Baked Goods in 2022.